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Shattered Illusions
An Awakening

By Amelia Foxwell, Correspondent

This is a series of articles about an episode in the life of a typical American family.  The Awakening, by this family, exposing them to a side of government that they never would have expected, is the focus of this series.

Part 1 - Reaching Out

Part 2 - A Lonely Stranger

Part 3 - "No!  Move!  I'll get your kid!"

Part 4 - How Fear Becomes Anger

Part 5 - We will never be the same, again!

Part 6 - Six Months Later

* * *

Shattered Illusions (series, less part 6) in PDF format

Shattered Illusions (series, less part 6) in .PRC format (eBook)

Shattered Illusions (series, less part 6) in .HTML format






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