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Shattered Illusions
An Awakening

September 2, 2011

Committee of Digital Correspondence

Amelia Foxwell, Correspondent


Part 3 - "No!  Move!  I'll get your kid!"

While this family slept quietly in their camper, a nightmare they would not soon forget was already in motion.  The few hours of peaceful sleep they got before midnight, that night, might be the last they will have for a long time.  When they wake up to the banging on the RV door, it will begin a terrifying new reality that they never could have dreamed of.

Carla continues her story:

It wasn't hard to fall asleep that night.  A few activities in 105 degrees tends to have that effect on you, not to mention the chilly RV air conditioner.  Yep ...I snuggled in to bed with a prayer of thanks.  This is the life Lord, and I praise you for it.  I fell asleep to the sound of the Texans football game that my husband was watching...the kids playing their DS games in the back bunks.  All is well.

The next thing I knew I heard what sounded like a diesel engine directly next to our camper, I sat up immediately, looked at the clock (thinking, I hadn't fallen asleep yet) and noted the time as 12:15 a.m.  A blinding white light flashed through our camper from outside. 

My husband was peeking out the window on the rear of the camper and I said, "SOMEBODY'S HERE!"  At that very moment a door rattling BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!  Accompanied by loud screaming voice, ''THIS IS THE WALLER COUNTY SWAT - EXIT THE CAMPER NOW!"  My husband moved toward the door and I yelled "Don't you open that door!" 

My ENTIRE life I have been told I have the right to ask for ID to KNOW who it is!  I pulled the blinds back and found myself less than a foot from a guy dressed in full body armor, night vision like goggles, spandex gloves, and helmet, aiming an assault rifle at my camper door waiting for my husband to open it.  At that second, I almost vomited with fear and told my husband to open the door.  I still didn't know what the hell was going on or who these people were, but we found ourselves defenseless!  They had the entire camper surrounded! 

Were they going to kill us?  Anyone could scream WALLER COUNTY SWAT!  But that didn't make it true!  My husband was so shaken that he fumbled with the lock trying to open the door and they pumped up the screaming another notch.  "OPEN THE DOOR NOW!  EXIT THE CAMPER NOW! 

My husband finally got the door open and disappeared into the night like a flash with his hands in the air.  One of the SWAT guys entered our camper as fast as Mike went out.  I was still sitting up in bed in my underwear when the armed man waved his gun around and screamed, "WHO ELSE IS IN HERE?" 

Barely able to speak I said, "I have two boys, six, and eight, in the back bunks."  The armed man then said, "Get your children and exit the camper NOW!"  I got out of bed and started to look for some clothes, because I was still in my UNDERWEAR!  The armed man again screamed, "NOW!" 

I got my 8-year-old up first; he was on the top bunk.  As soon as he woke up and saw the rifle waving man in the camper, he started shaking uncontrollably.  My kids have NEVER so much as seen a gun of any kind, much less had them waved around in such a threatening manner!  They have never even seen anything that has to do with guns on TV!  They watch a Christian TV station that has no violence. 

The child shook his way out the door and went to his father.  The whole time I was telling him, "it's okay honey, it's okay, mom and dad are right here, go to daddy". 

Then I tried to get my youngest up, who sleeps like concrete.  Twice I had him in my arms pulling him out, but when he woke up enough to see what was happening he crawled out of my arms and back into the bunk.  I asked for my husband to come get him and the SWAT officer said "No!  Move!  I'll get your kid."  I became the mother all people have been warned, about at that point, and said "NO YOU WON'T - THIS CHILD HAS NEVER SEEN A GUN MUCH LESS SOMETHING LIKE THIS!" 

I finally got my youngest up and into my arms.  On my way out, I beg for my pants and SWAT retrieved them.  Then I was out the door and standing with my family.  We were surrounded by a few SWAT officers aiming their guns off in all directions around us, barking orders such as, "IF WE SAY HIT THE GROUND- HIT THE GROUND IMMEDIATELY-REMAIN CALM (right) AND STAY NEXT TO US AT ALL TIMES!"  Standing there shaking I mentioned that I had to pee and they told me to go ahead!  On myself! 

By this time, they were searching our camper thoroughly.  Then it hit me - this was about the guy I have been watching, so I said out loud, "This isn't about that guy I have been watching all weekend is it?"  One of the SWAT officers responded with, "What guy ma'am?"  I replied, "The guy with the red duffle bag".  At that moment, everything changed.  Everyone grabbed their walkie-talkies and started barking "INTEL, INTEL - WE HAVE INTEL HERE".  That is when they separated me from my family, in my pajamas, clutching my child's teddy bear.


End Part 3

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