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Shattered Illusions
An Awakening

March 2, 2012

Committee of Digital Correspondence

Amelia Foxwell, Correspondent


Part 6 - Six Months Later


This is an update to a very personal story of a woman named Carla, who shared with the world, after her world was impacted forever. Six months after Carla's family was raided by a SWAT team at a campground in Texas (while SWAT was searching for Charles Dyer) Carla tells us how her life has changed. If you have missed the five parts of "Shattered Illusions" please see the link below before reading this update. Carla's story, in a nutshell is one of an average American family having what they thought was the reality of their lives brutally, instantly and permanently destroyed.


After crossing paths with Charles, a few changes took place immediately. We were already living a very simple and quiet lifestyle. Not caring to be in crowds very often we sought the comfort of camping in the state parks. What happened at Stephen F. Austin State Park did not change that. I knew that I had to keep that incident in perspective and not fall victim to it. I knew there was purpose in it. If I were to stay focused on how scared and angry I was I would have been blinded by that. You could really say there were two great epiphanies. One great. One not so great.

 Starting with the bad first - I found out I have no rights of any kind. Every right I thought I had as an American citizen was stripped away in less than two minutes. The SWAT busting in to our camper that night was like waking up in another country, a war torn out of control country. I found out that if the FBI is involved either you are who they are hunting down or you are in the way. No one will ever convince me that negotiations with a crazed criminal starts off with screaming and yelling and assault rifles aimed at you from two feet away. I will always believe that had there of TRULY been a crazed individual holding us hostage that night, we would been killed the minute the FBI and SWAT showed up. What can I do about that? Nothing. Pure luck of the draw.......... or not. Not if you believe in God. Not much luck involved there.

 The good thing that happened is enacting all of my personal freedoms that I do have. I will not live another minute with anyone telling me how to live, how to worship, how to raise and school my children, what to watch on TV and what I will eat. I have renewed my interest in the New Testament on a daily basis so I have a guide book, you could say. There is too little God in schools and at home. You can't even mention God at school anymore. The teachers just look at you and smile and don't reply. People are finding all kinds of justifications for keeping God out of things. Prime time TV is appalling. My personal freedom is I don't have to expose my kids to any of it. We now home school and educate them with Christian curriculum. My children will know no other way. I will keep them from social media as long as I can. I refuse to let society tell my kids who they are before they find out themselves. The world, the US, the TV and movies, the social media networks and WHAT'S HOT will not influence this household in any way. Kids are over socialized these days. Mine will hopefully know who they are by the time the are exposed to the harsh insensitivity of the general public.

 As for Charles, well.....I look forward to meeting him. I know enough to believe that he is good through and through. I know enough to know that there is great purpose for Charles. I do not know what his personal assignment from God is but I know he has one. Never have I seen God protecting someone like I saw Him do with Charles on his run for five days. I respect Charles for standing up for his rights. I know he will continue to do so till his last breath. He IS the kind of guy I would want fighting for me. I will continue to support his family who I have come to care for a great deal. I will also never again judge an accused person of whom I know nothing about.

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