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Coalition of American Patriots
(Founded April 19, 2012)

The Original Patriot Unity Coalition was formed in December 2011. In just a few months, those who felt that they could make decisions without abiding by the agreed upon guidelines have managed to create sufficient division in that group to tear it apart.

Those who remained with the Original Patriot Unity Coalition have regrouped as the Coalition of American Patriots. We are determined to continue with the objective of UNITY rather than Division.

Please read the Guidelines (link above) and join with us (Application button, above).


Purpose:  The purpose of this coalition is to bring together all patriot oriented organizations, or other entities, that have patriot oriented websites, under one common banner; to look for the common elements of each group and its purpose; and, to focus on that commonality, thus avoiding focusing on our differences. This coalition is not intended to be for exposure, rather, for Unity. That means that we will exert whatever effort we must to overcome those elements that wish to create division among us.

Membership:  Any organization, or other entity, that has a patriot website may join as a member of the Unity Coalition, if they agree to abide by the Guidelines established herein.  An affiliate organization of a member organization can join the Unity Coalition if they have their own website.  A group identification on a larger site does not qualify, though if a group site exists along with a primary site, both, or all, sites, may use the banner.

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To better understand the historical concept behind the
 Coalition of American Patriots,

please read this account from 1774.

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