April 5, 1764Great Britain : Parliament - The Sugar Act
April 19, 1764Great Britain : Parliament - The Currency Act
November 3, 1764Petition from the Massachusetts House of Representatives to the House of Commons
December 18, 1764Petition of the Virginia House of Burgesses to the House of Commons
March 22, 1765Great Britain : Parliament - The Stamp Act
May 15, 1765Great Britain : Parliament - The Quartering Act
September 21, 1765Resolves of the Pennsylvania Assembly on the Stamp Act
September 13, 1768Resolutions Of A Boston Town Meeting Against The King
April 9, 1773Boston's Intelligence Report
November 23, 1773Boston's Tea Tax Warning
February 5, 1774The Independence Of The Massachusetts Legislature
May 23, 1774New York Calls For Continental Congress
June 1774Boston's Non-importation Request
September 27, 1774Boston's Boycotts Sales To British
October 20, 1774First Continental Congress Resolves
December 12, 1774Maryland Resolves
February 25, 1775Boston's Message To The Countryside
April 12, 1775Massachusetts Appeal To Create Committees
May 31, 1775Mecklenburg Resolves
May 1775Massachusetts Requests Bread And Food
May 1775Massachusetts Disarm Those Enimical To Our Cause
1775Cambridge, Massachusetts Order For Enlistments
Aug 1775Song Written By A Son Of Liberty
Nov 1775New Hampshire Call For Names Of Enemies
Dec 1775Massachusetts Enlists Marines And Seamen
Feb 1776Massachusetts Representatives Authorize Establishing Local Government
May 1776Boston Instructions To Delegates
May 1776Menden, Massachusetts Committee Establishes Formal Government
Jul 1776Continental Congress Authorizes Militia To Protect Congress
Jul 1776New Hampshire Call For Enlistment
Feb 1777Massachusetts Reaffirm Need For Committees
Jul 1779Rhode Island Price Act