Instructions for joining in with others, under a common banner, as patriots with a common purpose.

Copy the following information, between the asterisks lines, to an email and send to Upon receipt and acceptance (so along as your organization is patriot oriented), you will be provided, via email, confirmation of your acceptance, a banner to place on your webpage, and, when available, a webring banner to be placed just below the Patriot Unity Coalition banner.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact


Application for becoming a member of the

Patriot Unity Coalition


Name of organization:  _________________________________________

Website main page for organization: http://www.___________________________
(Note: This will be the page that you will display the Patriot Unity Coalition banner.)

Contact person for organization:  _____________________________
Email:  _____________________
phone (not required):  ________________

Delegate to Patriot Unity Coalition:  _____________________________
Email:  _____________________
phone (not required):  ________________

Purpose of organization:  ____________________________

I understand that by submitting this application I, representing the organization, agree to the following:

To abide by the Guidelines (below) established for membership in the Coalition;

To set aside all differences between our organization and any other organization that is a member of the Coalition;

That if an organization that we have had disputes with should join the Coalition, as of the date of their joining, all previous differences shall be set aside;

That I will post the Patriot Coalition Banner, and webring, when so provided, in a prominent location on the main page of our website (page identified above);

That I agree to the dispute resolution forum indicated in the rules;

That if we withdraw from the Coalition, or are removed for cause, we will no longer display the banner nor make claim to being a member of the Patriot Unity Coalition;

That I will not be coerced or forced to agree with anything that any other member might espouse, though I will speak no ill of them;

And, That upon being accepted as a member of the Patriot Unity Coalition, I will faithfully abide to the above.

By affixing my name hereto and submitting this to the Patriot Unity Coalition (PUC), I agree to the above.

Name:   _________________________

Organization: _____________________________

URL:  ___________________________________


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