Proposed Guidelines for the Patriot Unity Coalition

Name: Patriot Unity Coalition

Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to bring together all patriot oriented organizations that have patriot websites under one common banner; to look for the common elements of each group and its purpose; and, to focus on that commonality, thus avoiding focusing on our differences.

Membership: Any organization that has a patriot website may join as a member of the Unity Coalition, if they agree to abide by the Guidelines established herein.  An affiliate organization of a member organization can join the Unity Coalition if they have their own website.


1.  Each Member, and affiliate member, shall display, on the main page of their website, the Unity Coalition emblem.  It may be displayed anywhere on the site, though it is expected that a prominent location will demonstrate your faith in the purpose and importance of the Unity Coalition.

2.  If a webring is established, it will be displayed immediately below the Unity Coalition emblem.

3.  Members agree to disagree.  It is acceptable to speak well of another member.  It is not acceptable to speak ill, or in a disparaging manner, of another member.  Doing so will be cause for mediation.

4.  Any organization seeking membership will be accepted on the same footing as all existing members, regardless of past activity that would have been in violation of Guideline #3.

5.  Each member organization will appoint one person as a delegate to the Administrative Board of the Unity Coalition.

6.  Should any organization feel that they have been aggrieved by another member organization; their delegate will bring a written report, with any evidence, to the Administrative Board.  The Administrative Board shall attempt to resolve the problem, secure apologies if necessary, and protect against disclosure of the incident to other than its fellow Delegates.

7.  Should the Administrative Board fail to secure resolution, they may choose, by lot or by election, five delegates from among their number who shall serve as a Review Board to hear all testimony and review all evidence, from both parties in the dispute.  Each party in the dispute will have the right to remove one of the five appointed delegates on the Review Board and replace them with another delegate of their choice, though no delegate on the Board may be a delegate from either of the parties to the dispute or their affiliate organizations.

8.  The Review Board, after all testimony is heard and evidence reviewed, will provide their findings to the Administrative Board.  The findings may include: Reprimand, to one or both parties, indicating the activity that is in violation of the Guidelines; Censure, with probation for a fixed period of time, of one or both parties (organizations); Expulsion from the Unity Coalition if a violation occurs during a probationary period.  All members of the Administrative Board as well as the parties to the dispute are bound to secrecy in both discussion and actions taken.

9.  Whenever possible, any violation of the Guidelines, Review Board activities and findings, or any matter that comes before the Administrative Board, shall be considered privileged information.  Disclosure may result in a review of the qualifications of the delegate to represent his organization, and if so found to be contradictory or unacceptable, will result in that delegate being replaced with another delegate from that organization.

10.  The Unity Coalition cannot deal with organizations who are not members of the Coalition.  If a dispute arises, the group involved shall gather evidence, testimony, and other information regarding any such incident, and prepare and file a complaint to the Committee of Safety -- Common Law Court.  Under no circumstance may members of the Coalition speak negatively of another organization, member or not.

* * * * *

Note: These Guidelines are subject to revision and final acceptance by the first ten member organizations


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