Clerk of the Court

Number: at least two, one to act as Clerk of the Court, and, at least one Assistant Clerk of the Court to fill in when the Clerk is absent.

Duties:  The Clerk of the Court will be:

         the primary point of contact for all Court business, both internal and external.

         Will maintain the records of all Complaints, Indictments, Grand Jury Hearings, Jury Trails, Evidence and Verdicts,

         Will determine sufficiency (sufficient information to be heard, not otherwise qualifying the information) of all Complaints submitted to the Court;

         Will be responsible for notifying Judges, Grand Jurors, Jury members, Accused and Accuser, of any matters needing their attention;

         Will assure that all courtroom activity in the Forum is maintained in the proper thread;

         Will be in charge of the Forum;

          Requirements: Should have organizational skills; Will need to be have on computer email abilities ( is not an on-line email account).

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